How To Become An Irrigation Contractor

When you will become an irrigation contractor, now it’s time to upsell your servicing including landscaping sprinkler installation and maintenance.

this picture shows an irrigation contractor project

The benefits of becoming a certified irrigation contractor are getting a huge edge over your competitors. It tells your clients that you have put your energy, time, and money to get certified as a CIC. It will add credibility to your services and you can advertise them by adds. The most interesting thing about the CIC comes from IA that is an only recognized clearinghouse for the irrigation certification.

5 Reasons to Become a Landscape Sprinkler System and Lawn Care, Contractor

If you love to work as an irrigation contractor and have a passion for plant healthy and vibrant lawns, it’s a good idea to add a Certified Contractor after your name. Below are reasons why you must invest money and time to become a CIC:

Excellent Way to Expand Business

If you are already a landscape and lawn service provider, then you must take the CIC exam it will grow your business rapidly. People always trust certified irrigation contractors and you can earn more money by gaining a CIC certificate. Certified irrigation will expand the business more quickly as compared to a non-certified irrigation contractor.

Add Credibility to Your Services

Your sales prospects and customers will think you’re serious about the landscaping and lawn care needs of the community. Also, your sales prospective trust you instantly as compared to non-certified irrigation contractors.

Credibility is the most important thing for a business to expand, and with the help of CIC, you can add credibility and trust to the customers on your services. It will help you out to build a long term relationship with your customers and sell your services more.

It Will Boosts Your Sales

After gaining CIC, you’ll notice that your sales start boosting rapidly. You can now maintain and install new irrigation systems now, also can provide closing and opening services at the starting and end of the growing season. A certified irrigation contractor rapidly increases sales because of the customer’s trust in his abilities and expertise.

It Will Give You A Competitive Edge

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Since you are maintaining and installing sprinkler system services, it will attract plenty of customers who need a full lawn care automatic system and landscaping packages with a single company. If your competitors don’t have any certification, you can tell the customers that you are giving them good services and you are a certified irrigation contractor.

Certified Irrigation Contractor Badge

When you gain a CIC certificate, now you have a badge with your name as a certified irrigation contractor. Your customers trust you because they know you care about water management practice that’s why you gain a certificate by investing your time and money. Studies have shown that a certified irrigation contractor has better credibility among customers. So if you want to add a CIC badge with your name and grow your business fast, you must gain a CIC certificate and sell your sprinkler installation and repairs services more.