Providing Carpet Cleaning Services

this picture shows contractor providing carpet cleaning services

Just as it’s advisable to regularly perform checkups with the doctor, carpets may seem spotless on the surface. It takes regular cleaning by a licensed operator to remove unseen stains and keep your carpet looking spotless.

Carpet Cleaning Method

Professional carpet cleaning is often misconstrued as “steam cleaning”, as advanced over the years. It is essential to know that there is varying carpet cleaning methods. These are employed by different professional carpet cleaning outfits. It is also important to the method suitable for your carpet.

These are the carpet cleaning methods used by most companies:

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

This is one of the newest carpet cleaning methods and it is becoming quite common. It is an effective, suitable and time-saving, as it lessens the time for drying. Developed in the 1980s, it is appropriate for all kinds of carpets. It is also advisable for use in places that need to continue functioning round the clock. For instance, the places cannot afford a disruption in operation such as commercial offices.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Method

This method of carpet cleaning generates excellent results. It comprises cleaning the uppermost part of the carpet strands. This process employ heavy-duty motor-powered machine with a rotating pad deep. It also includes a cleaning mixture to take in dirt from the surface of the carpet. The Bonnet carpet cleaning method does not deep clean the carpet; stains return to the surface of the carpet after some time. Mostly employed in hotel buildings, it serves as a fast solution for areas with large movement of people.

this picture shows carpet cleaning services on a commercial establishment

Encapsulation Method

This method involves the use of an artificial (synthetic) cleansing agent as a base that results in powder form after it dries. This method in comparison with the carpet shampooing method is more environmentally friendly. There is less chemical deposit left over after cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing Method

This method was popular before the advent of the encapsulation method back in the 1970s. It aids in cleaning deeply stained carpet. The only drawback was the large sum of wet foam deposits on the carpet which takes it a while to dry.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method

This method largely comprises the use of cleaning agents on the stained surface, whisking carpet strands with brush and then rinsing. Popularly referred to as “steam carpet cleaning”, employs the use of high-pressure water to whisk the carpet strands and dispel stains in the carpet.

Reasons for Professional Carpet Cleaning

In conclusion, there are varying reasons for professional carpet cleaning. It boosts the life span of your carpet through regular cleaning by professional carpet cleaning services. Cleaning prevents health hazards, with no dirt on your carpet and it makes your carpet appear better. For overall home maintenance and improvement, hiring professionals from plumbers to roofing contractors is a great idea.